In 2009, the University of Hull acquired a new content management system - Alterian Immediacy. The University used the purchase as an opportunity to review and overhaul the content and design of all of its digital assets. Our consultant carried out this work under a fixed term contract with the institution.

Our consultant was responsible for reviewing and overhauling all websites, blogs and stand-alone landing pages for the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Health and Social Care, and the Faculty of Education. She was later asked to return to the institution for ongoing editorial and design work for the Faculty of Science.


Our consultant was asked to overhaul the design, content and architecture of many of the institution's websites to meet the needs of users, rather than providing information that the business wanted to share.

She defined a set of goals to indicate progress success, which included reducing bounce and exit rates as well as increasing page views to areas of the site which led to a defined 'conversion'.


Our consultant:

  • - Established user needs based on research and analytics
  • - Audited all existing content against user needs
  • - Wrote, edited and repurposed web content
  • - Designed templates for Immediacy CMS
  • - Designed HTML email templates
  • - Captured photography and created video testimonials
  • - Defined analytics funnels and conversions
  • - Defined and implementing editorial process
  • - Trained users in Immediacy CMS

Examples of our work

Our consultant's work spanned 10 departments within the Faculties of Science, Health and Education.

Expertise required

  • Stakeholder management
  • Business analysis
  • User research
  • Information architecture review
  • Web content production
  • Photography
  • ASP.NET template production
  • Content management system training
  • Editorial process implementation
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • HTML email design
  • Analytics
  • Graphic design
  • Technical authoring of CMS documentation
  • User testing